The first batch of BPO or business process outsourcing players, came in primarily for low cost and high quality services, the second batch fell for rapid ramping up of operations and a modern BPO infrastructure, which propelled India's economic growth to a new horizon.

Although,The government has done a commendable job in attracting investments so far, it needs to do even better to match up with the MNC BPOs demand for a world class BPO infrastructure. Foreign investments in the area of BPO Infrastructure has an important role to play. There is an urgent need to bolster rapidly available space. It important to make sure that good quality space for BPO companies are available readily. As the lack of such modern BPO infrastructure would repeal the companies away to other destinations.. Developing BPO infrastructure is an important aspect for the development of Indian economy to grab the BPO pie.

India's strengths lies in experience, language proficiency, entrepreneurial zeal, skilled workers, expertise in new technologies and a cost advantage. The services offered by the BPO companies are in HR, finance and accounting, transaction processing, content development, engineering, design, remote education, market research, data search, network consultancy, etc. Indian BPO industry is essentially still in the early stages of evolution. The Indian BPO market is in its early high growth phase and is growing at an astronomical pace.

Godspeed IT Services addresses its clients' business challenges through its robust delivery infrastructure. With multi-geography capabilities, comprehensive IT solutions, technological knowledge and experienced professional staff, we deliver high performance services augmenting strategic business processes and operations of our clients.

Operating from secure and safe facilities through a redundant IT infrastructure with adequate provisions for Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity (DR/BC), Godspeed IT Services offers highest levels of services. By offering 24*7 service desk we help our clients deliver uninterrupted services.

Highlights of our BPO infrastructure are:-

24*7 customer service support via chat/web/email/voice Redundant T1 lines for high-speed connections Disaster Recovery arrangements with industry standard Mean time to Recovery Secure and encrypted VPN data transfer between client and offshore centers Firewalls equipped with intrusion detection services Power failover and UPS to ensure zero business interruption Secured access to work stations, single sign on Desktops Admission to work facilities tracked and monitored using badge entry and CCTV All employees sign confidentiality agreements and Non-disclose agreements Audio/Video conferencing available Enterprise wide backup and recovery processes in place.