Content Moderation

Real Time Content Moderation

Many websites and mobile services require a real-life moderator to check the content exchanges between users. Without content moderation, the website or mobile service may violate intellectual property rights or contain inappropriate content that may scare away users. By building a content moderation team around your website or mobile service, you are making sure that your service remains clean and attractive to its visitors. It's also an effective way of preventing any legal problems by inadvertently having objectionable content published on your site.

More than just Moderation

We have substantial experience in content moderation. One of our first clients used our services to set up a team of forum moderators. These forum moderators were there to make sure that the forums were kept clean but also to spark the website's community and encourage active membership through the organization of events and contests

24/7, 365 Days a Year

In a worldwide business sector, your social networking and group spaces are open each hour of each day. We work with every customer to evaluate what assets are required, where the dangers are and how best to secure your image.

Master Protection

Most moderation platforms provide a level of keyword filtering, but software is only a small part of the solution. Machine learning/AI technology is still in its infancy and contextually complex content like defamation, contempt of court, CRM issues and brand damage is often missed. We guarantee 99.5% accuracy, ensuring content is actioned immediately and escalated to the relevant departments by real people, and our on-going strategy, insight, moderation and engagement process maximises the value of all your customer interactions.