Discount Data-Entry

We are a premier provider of data entry services, offering most comprehensive range of data entry solutions to our clients globally. We have the expertise to handle large content intensive projects, and provide our clients with state of the art infrastructure and cost effective data entry product solutions in quickest turnaround time.

We understand that maintaining online stores is a continuous process where clients need to add new products and other product related information such as brands, SKUs, part numbers, description, quality, quantity and color on their online stores. This is why we constantly make sure that any change in the product’s price, special offers is reflected on the website instantly, and the old price and offers are deleted automatically.

Godspeed IT Services Well-Defined Discount Data Entry Process

An important highlight of our discount data entry services is price comparison across competitor manufacturer websites. We analyze the discounts and other special offers being offered by your competitor stores, decide a fair markup and apply it on your list price to derive appropriate and competitive sale prices for your online store. We provide you a leading edge in the online market by keeping a continuous monitoring on your competing manufacturers’ websites and updating your prices before the competitors revise their prices.

We understand the importance of categorization of products in discount data entry and how it can make your E-commerce store easily searchable by both clients and customers. Our E-commerce Discount entry professionals ensure that the Discounts are categorized and sub-categorized appropriately and accurately. We also assist in strengthening your online presence and website traffic by making sure that the description of your Discounts contains SEO rich keywords./p>

We value our clients tremendously and build long-term relationships by creating and managing large-scale and high-value digital content for Web, corporate intranets and other digital environments. We have a perfect blend of expertise and experience to provide you with strategic and tactical services for the complete data life cycle. Our team is not only well equipped with the latest technologies and methods, but we are constantly upgrading our techniques to make improvements in our overall service and Discount levels.