Document Conversion

What is Document Conversion?

It often becomes necessary for an organization to share electronic documents among employees, departments, employees and even applications. Sometimes a particular software package is unusable unless it is in a particular format. In such scenarios, the need for a common sharable format arises. That is when document conversion services can step in to help convert the documents in question to usable formats and standardize them in order to ensure flawless communication and save on precious time and resources.

We offer the following document conversion services to our customers:

1. Conversion of paper, film, and microfilm documents

2. Conversion to MS Word, PDF, RTF, HTML, XML, and XHTML formats

3. Books conversion

4. Spreadsheets in XLS , images in TIFF, JPG, BMP, GIF conversion

5. Conversion of scanned paper documents/ images into electronic formats

The benefits of outsourcing document conversion to Flatworld Solutions are as follows:

1. Cutting edge software and hardware technologies

2. State-of-the-art communication and internet connectivity

3. Access to talented and vast workforce pool

4. Modern management, high employee satisfaction ensure high quality outputs

5. Competitive pricing

6. Time bound project implementations

7. Low turnaround time

8. Stringent quality control and implementation systems

9. High security for data & Non Disclosure Agreements (NDA)

Document Conversion

Digitization has become a necessary aspect for business process improvement and enhanced productivity. Businesses receive hundreds of documents such as bills, receipts, invoices, fax and others, on a daily basis. This is in addition to the existing numbers of hard and soft copy documents. All these may need to be retrieved and used for different purposes, at different times. Without an effective strategy in place for document management i.e. document storage and retrieval, there can be chaos leading to loss/misplacement/damage/lack of access to valuable documents, which in turn, leads to incurrence of huge costs in terms of time and money, for restoration.

Document conversion is an affordable strategy through which documents of various forms are converted easily and speedily into other forms that enable easy retrieval, transfer, storage, and updates. This would also lead to a reduction in business costs and improvement in the efficiency of business processes

Outsourcing document conversion is an intelligent and cost-effective way of managing your documents, while saving time, money, and resources. Godspeed IT Services offers you an efficient and cost-effective way of carrying out document conversion.