Real Time Manual OCR Entry Services

GSIT comprises a team of trained professionals disciplined in the art of OCR project and effort estimation.

GSIT also maintains a consistently updated database of skills and professional training base for faster processing of any common type of customer requirements.

GSIT has thus been able to successfully maintain a shorter span of turn around as our OCR data entry team can get started on data entry at the earliest possible and mostly within a day of work input arrival.

Project turnaround is determined by the output delivery format and processing requirements.

We operating and provides OCR data entry services by 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, we are working at all time zones and provide real time Manual OCR entry services or few hours turn around if required.

A small job gets completed in a day to week span while regular and turn key projects run from a few months span to several years in a row.

GSIT has potential for handling both small and large scale turnkey jobs. For large scale turn key jobs, we have processes that enable steady team and knowledge retention capabilities.