CCTV Monitoring

Godspeed IT Services provides a high tech remote CCTV Monitoring service that has set standards in quality assurance and answering the clients' need for security.

Our CCTV services are supported by a network of multiple control rooms spread across different centers and operations.

Our cutting edge technology helps our customers to increase their vigilance and control on their operations to an impeccable level of detail and precision 24×7.

CCTV monitoring is one of most innovative technology that is deployed in the offices, warehouses, and parks, Among other areas as a tool for prevention of crime.

Our remote CCTV monitoring services assists to improve your business productivity by saving your time and infrastructure costs. We have proven our expertise in CCTV monitoring by building long-term relationships with several leading organizations worldwide

Areas Covered Under Godspeed IT Services CCTV Monitoring

Our services are easily customizable to accommodate flexibility and expansion of our client’s business interests. Whether you are looking to hire our CCTV services for monitoring a single website, office area or require intelligence monitoring, our expertise and experience enables us to provide best solutions suiting your need and budget.

Our USP's

1. Superior CCTV monitoring security

2. Accurate and quality surveillance data

3. High audio and video quality

4. Instant and simultaneous playback

5. Advanced archiving capability

6. Faster image/video search and retrieval

7. Emergency and accident management and reporting

8. 24×7×365 Monitoring

9. Increase in business output and efficiency

10.Improved security, operations and risk management